Les bougies,Maison Rebatchi.

Figue soleil

by Karine Chevallier Discover
Olfactory notes: fig, crushed leaves, tuberose, clove, orange blossom, white flowers

A fragrance that evokes the serenity of a Mediterranean summer day, lulled by birds singing and warm light.

250g - 85 €

Cuir d'iris

by Bertrand Duchaufour Discover
Olfactory notes: leather, iris, carrot, carnation, clove, apricot, patchouli, amber, cedar, opoponax, vanilla

A tribute to the ancient leather manuscripts from the National Algiers Library created in 1835, today the oldest cultural monument in Algeria, which was originally located in an estate on ‘l’impasse du Soleil'.

250g - 85 €

Rose rouge

by Randa Hammami Discover
Olfactory notes: red berries, ginger, red rose, white musks, guaiac wood

A delectable scent that takes us to the sprawling rose fields of Grasse, when the early morning dew adopts the color of dawn.

250g - 85 €